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Game Engine Gems, Volume 1

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Game Engine Gems 1 brings together a collection of new articles from leading software engineering professionals in the first volume of a new series. Each “gem” in this volume presents a previously unpublished technique related to game engines and real-time virtual simulations, and each one is supported by many years of experience and wisdom possessed by the authors. Specific topics include rendering techniques, shaders, scene organization, visibility determination, collision detection, audio, user interface, input devices, memory management, artificial intelligence, resource organization, and cross-platform considerations.

Game Engine Gems, Volume 2

Table of Contents and Supplementary Files

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Game Engine Gems 2 continues the series with a new batch of articles about graphics and rendering, game engine design, and systems programming. Each chapter is written by experienced professionals working in the games industry or related research positions.

Graphics and Game Gems Database

The Graphics and Game Gems Database is a catalog of over one thousand articles written by 742 authors for the Game Engine Gems, Game Programming Gems, GPU Gems, and Graphics Gems series.

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